Custom Pole Buildings

Providing top-quality construction of Pole Buildings, and Masonry by long-time authentic Amish, Mennonite and faithful Christian Tradesmen in their field. Quality and Craftsmanship You can Trust with Undeniable Integrity. 



BY LONG-TIME EXPERIENCED Amish builders with the oldest having 40+ YEARS. Each pole building is custom built with many options available.

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We install new Residential & Commercial  CHI Overhead Doors and LiftMaster Lifetime Warranty openers on your new building with professional installation. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!      

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CUPOLAS AND WEATHERVANES: We carry a complete line of accessories for function & style.  

We offer professionally installed seamless rain gutters and downspouts. We also offer Leaf Guards and  Stainless Steel Snow Guards. 

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35+ years for Pole Building Site Preparation, driveways...


20+ years experience in Amish Concrete floors & aprons. We get outstanding compliments on our concrete work~customers go out of their way to let us know!  

Why Choose The Amish Tradesmen?

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Small Business = Big Results

  • Being a small business is an asset to you.   At The Amish Tradesmen we are not under the pressure of big business to rush through the building process because "time is money".  We take the necessary time, because time is quality, eliminating oversights that can occur by being under pressure to "get the job done".  We care about your new building as much as you do. Our name and reputation is very important to us. You'll appreciate the difference knowing your building was built right from the start.  Ask any of our fine customers we now call friends,  why they're so pleased they chose The Amish Tradesmen. 

Amish Craftsmanship

Whatever your task, work heartily, as serving the Lord and not men. Colossians 3:23 

  • Another smart reason to go with The Amish Tradesmen is that we only go with long-time experienced Amish tradesmen in their field instead of employing men that are not experienced in Post Frame Construction, Metal work, Site Preparation, and Masonry, "learning as they go" or fairly new at it by learning on the job.  We never employ "hired hands" for low, paid by the hour wages. Our men are the same team of Amish men we've had since 2007.  You can trust us that we know what we're doing.  We handle everything you need. 

  • We do site preparation, the construction of a Pole Building from start to finish including the garage floor and professionally installed quality garage doors.  We can also provide sidewalks and concrete driveways!  We can handle your entire tire project,  giving you peace of mind.

  • We have the BEST TEAM OF AMISH CRAFTSMEN IN THE BUSINESS.  David is our main Amish Pole Builder with over 40 years of carpentry/pole building experience. His Amish crewmen will have the construction portion of your Pole Building up in approximately 3-7 working days, weather and ground conditions permitting, depending on the size.    

  • Our Amish mason began learning masonry work at the age of 14 working along side his Brother-in-Law up until about 2001. When his uncle moved to Virginia, he started his own masonry crew. All our 4" thick concrete floors include poly moisture barrier, 3500 psi concrete with fiber mesh, and expansion joints.  It is worked to a beautiful smooth finish. Every job is done to perfection.  We get outstanding compliments on our concrete work~customers go out of their way to let us know!

  • Amish men begin working at a very young age learning their trade. You may see  Amish boys on a job given some small task, but always learning at the same time. By age 14 young Amish men are skilled enough to begin working side by side with the older men.

High-Quality Materials

  • We have hand selected top-quality materials for your pole building. If you are interested in quality, The Amish Tradesmen buys directly from a metal roofing and siding manufacturer being able to offer you invoice price for better savings on your overall Pole Building price. YOU GET THE MOST FOR YOUR MONEY WITH US! 
  • High grade 28 gauge steel roofing and siding with a 40 year Valspar WeatherXL siliconized paint finish warranty. 
  • Warranty against cracking, chalking, fading & corrosion. Quality that lasts and lasts... 
  • We are able to offer you the BEST QUALITY for the BEST possible PRICE compared to others who offer no warranty at all (beware of companies offering super-low pricing with metal roofing & siding seconds, imperfections & low grade finishes as well as inferior lumber used in construction). Instead of making a profit on your Pole Building supplies, we offer you a fair price on our labor.  
  • We use only TOP QUALITY #1 lumber in our construction, making for a much stronger building. We never skimp on the lumber that goes into our buildings!  We build the traditional Amish way. OUR POSTS ARE FULL LENGTH & RUN ALL THE WAY TO THE CEILING! You won't find short posts on the gable ends with a 2x6 to the top...Beware of builders that shortcut on materials just to give you a super low price! #1 Southern Yellow Pine Double headers or Machine Stress Rated headers. 2x6 full framing all around the windows and doors with blocking behind them for better support, full length posts on both sides of the walk in doors...We believe in using 3-Ply Glu Laminated posts or "Smart" Posts instead of what most builders use because they won't twist or split like a one-grained treated posts will.  Site Preparation including all the materials you need & Smooth finished 3500 psi 4" Concrete with Fiber Mesh Flooring comes standard, ready for your showroom flooring installation! Quality from start to finish!

Personalized Customer Service & Care

Rob and Lynn Harman are the owners, Sales & Project Managers.  No high pressure sales here! Just hassle-free, down to earth service. Start off by setting up an appointment to meet with us and take a tour of our sample building at 26673 Sussex Highway, Seaford, DE at the same time. We will go over all the options you would like incorporated into your new building. We will work with our suppliers for a custom quote. Rob and Lynn will organize all the information and scheduling to make your job run smooth. The average Pole Building takes approximately 15 working days according on the size to complete (weather  and ground conditions permitting) from site preparation, custom pole building construction, concrete work, inspections and garage door installation and any other options you may have chosen.

We will help you through the process!  Rob and Lynn have been in home sales, construction and business management since 1995 and has assisted many through the building process. Together we organize everything needed to make things run smooth.


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