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Job Portfolio


Protecting your investments...

Pole Buildings for residential garages, car collectors, show rooms, hobby shops, woodworking, offices, personal gyms, sports, parties, horse & alpaca barns, greenhouses, cows, farm equipment, basketball courts, all livestock, horse arenas, horse run-ins, produce markets, farm stores, she sheds, and man caves... All at affordable prices!


Job Portfolio

Job Portfolio

Job Portfolio

We offer Amish & Mennonite:

  • BACKHOE SERVICES 35+ years for Pole Building Site Preparation, driveways...
  • POLE BUILDING by long-time experienced Amish men.
  • MASONRY 20+ years Amish for Concrete floors & aprons

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Job Portfolio

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No need to manage your own project. The Amish Tradesmen takes care of everything from start to finish!

From site preparation, custom building with your desired options, concrete floors, garage doors, to gutters & downspouts... everything you need is organized from one single office.

We would love to hear about your upcoming project!

About Us

Amish pole building

Locally Owned with over 40 Years Experience

 Welcome to The Amish Tradesmen and thank you for visiting our site.  We are a Delaware based company founded in 2007.   The Amish Tradesmen is a group of local Amish men that have developed exceptional skills and long-time experience in their field. The Amish Tradesmen is managed through one local office to handle phone calls and everything needed prior to our work day.

Pole barn

Quality Craftsmanship

Our goal is to offer you the finest in quality materials at invoice price suited for the job, along with our

long-time Amish craftsmanship. Our individual trades are ones that we have developed since a young age. We hope that you will appreciate the attention to detail and robust construction and timely work. Our work is based on one project at a time giving you 100% attention at all times. We have built our company by this one-project-at-a-time philosophy in the continual goal of gaining an honest reputation throughout our surrounding communities in a natural way. No fancy advertisements, just good old fashioned word-of-mouth coverage. Please visit our Testimonial Page to hear what our many satisfied customers have to say!


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We invite you to visit our full-sized 36' x 50' x 14' sample Pole Building Garage and check out our Top Quality materials and craftsmanship firsthand!

***Please note that we do not do work in Maryland.  We only work in Kent and Sussex County, Delaware.  We do not build additions onto homes.  We do not do add ons to pole buildings unless we built and know the building.  We also do not do painting, cabinetry or furniture making.




To get your project started, simply call 302-349-5550 to set up an appointment with Rob to tour our sample building and office located at 26673 Sussex Highway, Seaford, DE .  We will walk you through the design of your new pole building placing the windows and doors exactly where you want them.  Meeting in person is the very best way to do this in order to eliminate costly mistakes or misunderstandings later on.


This is a very common question. While many companies do this as a marketing tool, we have found that the price is most certainly going to change because there are so many variables and options that go into each custom building. It is our policy to not give prices out over the phone. We would rather meet with you in person at our office and sample building to assist you with a custom building that suits your needs on a one-on-one basis and it will save us both time and misunderstanding later on.   You owe it to yourself to look at buildings up close.  Our  36' x 50' x 14' sample building offers all the building samples and materials that we can personally demonstrate to you. We will give free written estimates that are good for 30 days based on the building and options that you choose.  We will sit down and ask you a series of questions about the building and take care of the placement of the windows and doors in person.  We have saved a lot of confusion by doing it this way and have many satisfied customers to prove it. Please call us to today to book an appointment at 302-349-5550.

One thing you are not going to get from The Amish Tradesmen is a salesperson working on commission running out to meet you on your site trying to obligate you by staking off your building and then hounding you for a sale for weeks after.   You owe it to yourself to take a look at a sample building first.  See what you are buying!  There will be no hidden fees, initial omissions in the proposal, cut corners, inferior materials and construction and a pushy salesman to go with it.  Many times when comparing companies we find things like:  site preparation included (but no dirt), little 4 x 6 treated posts on a 30 x 40 building (we use glu lams but it you want treated posts that can twist at least get 6 x 6's), unrevealed building permit fees (over and above the cost of the permit), incomplete or partial details with a hidden fee or an extra later on...At The Amish Tradesmen we ask you upfront what you want in your pole building and then custom price the pole building with everything you chose.  No surprise fees, no omissions, no tricky sales techniques that make the building look like a really low price initially, but end up costing you much more in the end.  We promise this and you can depend on us. 


We use only EVERLAST metal with exclusive COLORBOUND paint system,  with a 40 year warranty on all our metal Pole Buildings giving you the consumer peace of mind, and many years of durability, performance and lasting beauty for your new Pole Building project.

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Located at 26673 Sussex Highway, between Laurel and Seaford, Delaware.

Located at 26673 Sussex Highway, between Laurel and Seaford, Delaware on the north bound side (next to the Jesus sign). We are just north of the radio tower and accross from the Ark church. Look for our brick building and our new model building with bright red roof.

The Amish Tradesmen

26673 Sussex Highway, Seaford, Delaware 19973, United States

(302) 349-5550


Mon - Fri 


By Appointment

Please call to make an appointment to be sure we are not with a customer,  out of the office, on errands,  or on the job sites.