Options Available

The size and height of your pole building is pretty much open to whatever you would like it to be, however there tends to be less waste when you size it in increments of 4’ and 8’. You should also consider if you are going to install a garage door opener to allow 2’ of additional head room for the opener.

When it comes to determining the roof pitch the standard pitch is 4/12. we do not frame higher than a 8/12 pitch. Other than the Standard Truss you also have the option to frame with Attic or Scissor Trusses to create lofts or open ceilings.

Options for your building:

  • Post Protectors (PSI Green Posts)
  • Overhangs/Soffits on Gables
  • Gutters and Downspouts – 5” up to 49’ eave; 6” over 50’ eave
  • Double Bubble Insulation – 5/16’ thick foiled back between roof rafters and metal
  • SunSky Panels
  • Wainscoting
  • Cupolas – 24”, 36” and 48” in metal to match building
  • Weathervanes
  • Windows – ProVia windows designed for pole buildings with pane and size options
  • Entry Doors – Provia doors multiple size and pane options to choose
  • Split and Sliding Doors custom built on site in metal to match your building
  • Overhead CHI Garage Doors with Liftmaster Remote openers
  • Dutch Corner Door Frames
  • Lean-to porches
  • Attic decking
  • Stairs
  • Concrete
  • Horse-Stalls, Tack Rooms, Run-ins and exercise arena
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No need to manage your own project. The Amish Tradesmen takes care of everything from start to finish! From site preparation, custom building with your desired options, concrete floors, garage doors, to gutters & downspouts… everything you need is organized from our local office.

We would love to hear about your upcoming project! Visit us in Seaford and tour our models, or call us to discuss your design and receive a complimentary quote and proposed drawings via email.

Let’s Get Started

To get your project started, simply call 302-349-5550 to set up an appointment with Rob to tour our sample building and office located at 26673 Sussex Highway, Seaford, DE. We will walk you through the design of your new pole building placing the windows and doors exactly where you want them. Meeting in person is the very best way to do this in order to eliminate costly mistakes or misunderstandings later on.

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