Standard Features

We Invite You To Compare

We invite you to compare our buildings with other pole building builders… BUT here’s what you are getting with us!

Our Buildings Always Include:

  • POSTS: 30′ & Up Buildings 3-Ply 2 x 6 Glu Lams
  • For larger buildings we use 3-Ply & 4-Ply Glu Lams
  • CARRIERS: 2 X 10 or 2 X 12 and/or LVL’s according to building code.
  • #1 Southern Yellow Pine DOUBLE Headers or Machine Stressed Rated Headers all the time!
  • SKIRTBOARD: 2 X 8 Treated
  • PURLINS: 2 X 4 spaced 2′ on center
  • SIDE GIRTS: 2 x 4 spaced 2′ on center
  • TRUSSES: Engineered, spaced 4′ on centers
  • RIDGE CAP: Included
  • ROOFING/SIDING: True 28 Gauge pre-paint, 40 yr. Colorbond Exclusive paint system by Everlast Roofing, Inc.
  • All metal is custom cut to length and never spliced
  • Cut edges are treated to prevent rust crawl from the bottom
  • FOOTERS: 18″ or 24″ diameter footer according to county with 160 or 240 lbs Quikrete Handicrete Concrete mix per post.
  • DEBRIS REMOVAL: Included

As well as stainless steel trim nails, galvanized 1/2″ x 10′ or 5/8″ x 10″ Carriage bolts, matching microbit 40-year warranty screws, Geocel (high grade) caulk to match, joist hangers, psx-20 (25) mil. Self adhering flashing tape for, treated skirt/metal corrosion barrier…everything you need to meet and exceed building code, turn-key.

Built with Quality

We build the traditional Amish way. OUR POSTS ARE FULL LENGTH & RUN ALL THE WAY TO THE CEILING! #1 Southern Yellow Pine Double headers or Machine Stress Rated headers. 2×6 full framing all around the windows and doors with blocking behind them for better support, full length posts on both sides of the entry and garage doors.

Our Pole Buildings are built with only quality, beefy, TOP QUALITY #1 lumber packages making for a much stronger building. We custom build every Pole Building to suit your needs. Take any size Pole Building and add any component such as windows, garage doors (click link for many garage door styles available), Single or Split Sliding Doors, Wainscoating, Cupolas, Side Light or Sun Sky Panels, you name it! Below are Options & Ideas and Building Materials to choose from.

“My heart took delight in all my work, and this was the reward for all my labor.”
Ecclesiastes 2:10
Let's Get Started

No need to manage your own project. The Amish Tradesmen takes care of everything from start to finish! From site preparation, custom building with your desired options, concrete floors, garage doors, to gutters & downspouts… everything you need is organized from our local office.

We would love to hear about your upcoming project! Visit us in Seaford and tour our models, or call us to discuss your design and receive a complimentary quote and proposed drawings via email.

Let’s Get Started

To get your project started, simply call 302-349-5550 to set up an appointment with Rob to tour our sample building and office located at 26673 Sussex Highway, Seaford, DE. We will walk you through the design of your new pole building placing the windows and doors exactly where you want them. Meeting in person is the very best way to do this in order to eliminate costly mistakes or misunderstandings later on.

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