Building Materials

Our Pole Buildings are built with only quality, beefy, TOP QUALITY #1 lumber packages making for a much stronger building. We custom build every Pole Building to suit your needs. Take any size Pole Building and add any component such as windows, garage doors (click link for many garage door styles available), Single or Split Sliding Doors, Wainscoating, Cupolas, Side Light or Sun Sky Panels, you name it! Below are Options & Ideas and Building Materials to choose from.

Our Buildings Always Include:

  • POSTS: 30' & Up Buildings  3-Ply 2 x 6 Glu Lams
  • For larger buildings we use 3-Ply & 4-Ply Glu Lams
  • CARRIERS: 2 X 10 or 2 X 12 and/or LVL's according to building code.
  • #1 Southern Yellow Pine DOUBLE Headers all the time!
  • SKIRTBOARD: 2 X 8 Treated
  • PURLINS: 2 X 4 spaced 2' on center
  • SIDE GIRTS: 2 x 4 spaced 2' on center
  • TRUSSES: Engineered, spaced 4' on centers, 4/12 Pitch
  • RIDGE CAP: Included
  • ROOFING/SIDING:  28 Gauge, 40 yr. Valspar WeatherXL paint warranty
  • FOOTERS: 18" or 24" diameter footer according on county with 160 or 240 lbs Quikrete Handicrete Concrete mix per post.
  • DEBRIS REMOVAL: Included

As well as stainless steel trim nails, galvanized 1/2" x 10' or 5/8" x 10" Carriage bolts, matching woodgrip screws, Geocel (high grade) caulk to match, joist hangers, psx-20 (25) mil. Self adhering flashing tape for, treated skirt/metal corrosion barrier...everything you need to meet and exceed building code, turn-key. Just add your Options below for your choice in building size, garage door sizes etc. to custom price a building to suit your needs.


Pole building garage

Here is a list of Options you might consider when planning your new Pole Building:

Size: We custom build every Pole Building to your needs.The most popular sizes are 30’ x 40’, 40’ x 60’ and 40' x 80. When planning use even footage increments.

Header Height: 10’ ~ 12’ ~ 14’ ~ 16’ ~ 20'.Consider the size garage door(s) you will need in determining your height.You will need at least 15" clearance below the header height for the rails and opener. Most customers go 2' below the header height.

Roof Pitch: 4/12 ~ 5/12 ~ 6/12 ~ 7/12 ~ 8/12 No higher due to risk factors.

4/12 being the standard size.We also use 2/12 or 3/12 for Lean-To’s.These are regular Trusses.We also have Attic Trusses for those who need heavy storage, however Attic Trusses do cost a bit more.  Stock trusses:  20’ ~ 24’ ~ 30’ ~ 32’ ~ 36’ ~ 40’

Glu-Lam Posts: Lighter, straighter and stronger than solid sawn or nailed laminated posts.C.C.A. treated laminations are used on the ground contact end.C.C.A. penetration is greater than solid sawn posts.Untreated wood above ground eliminates the need for galvanized fasteners.Finger jointed to form one piece laminations.

Post Protectors: We offer the PSI Green Post as an option for those who would like to feel more confident about the life of their posts used in Post Framing Construction. They provide superior protection from the harmful effects of: Concrete, rot & decay, moisture, termites/soil organisms, corrosive soil agents, soil nutrients and oxygen. Extends the service life and enhances the performance of wooden posts. They are environmentally friendly, not only does PSI Green Post function as a barrier to prevent decay, it also prevents the preservative chemicals in treated posts from entering the soil. Cost is $30 more per post.

Overhang/Soffits: Decide if you would like 12” overhang/soffits on the Eave side only, or all around.

Gutters, Downspouts & Splash Guards: 5" Seamless gutters in 15 colors. Snow Guards and Leaf Guards also available.  6" available on larger buildings.

Double Bubble Insulation: This is a 5/16” thick insulation.It is a foil backed product with a white poly on the opposite side.The foil comes in rolls.It is sandwiched between the roof and the rafters.It resists conductive heat flow as well as prevents the building from condensation.The white backing gives your Pole Building a nice finished look as well.

SunSky Panels: Most popularly used just under the eave(s) at 2’ x length of the building to provide a natural light source.Available in Clear, Soft White or White Opal.Sky Lights in Polycarbonate or Fiberglass available too in 3' x 8' or 3' x 16' sizes x the number of skylights you want.

Everlast Roofing, Inc. company logo


Wainscoting: 36” high in a true 28 gauge steel, measured before paint, with a 40 year Everlast Roofing, Inc metal.Used when you would like to two-tone the colors on your Pole Building. 21 Colors to choose from.

Siding: Our standard for our Pole Buildings is Premium a true 28 gauge steel, measured before paint, with a 40 year Everlast Roofing, Inc metal on both sides that resists corrosion, fading, chalking & rust.  21 compatible colors to choose from .  Most of the Everlast colors are solar reflective, cool roof and energy star rated colors.

Optional Siding: There is another grade  available in “Everlast II Omni series" steel roofing and siding panels in a true 27 guage AZM substrate coated with a Colorbond paint system, with a 50 year warranty. Available in 18 colors.


Same as above.  

Ridge Caps are standard in all 21 colors.

Snow Guards: Available

Roof & Siding Colors

Cupolas & Weathervanes

Cupolas: 24”, 36” & 48” base sizes available in all 21 Colors.

Weathervanes: Many to choose from! See our Weathervanes & Cupolas Page for choices.

Cupolas & Weathervanes

Windows & Doors

Windows: Our standard MI or Interstate brand Single Hung size is 36” x 48” white vinyl clad with screens and grids.  Bottom sash tilts in.  Energy Star rated.  Many sizes available.Also available in Double Hung and Sliding.  Beige available by special order.

Walk Doors:  3/0’ entry doors come standard your choice in either 9-Lite (windows in top half) or solid.9-Lite unless specified.Steel, come in White. Double doors also available.  We also do double 9-Lite doors with no jamb in the center.

Sliding Garage Doors: Available in Single or Split.  All Colors available.  All even sizes available in height and width.  With a sliding door, you can go all the way up to the header height, maximizing the height of your door.

Overhead Garage Doors: We use the brand CHIOD which are a fine quality door.  Our standard Residential Model 2250 is a white, steel raised panel door with torsion springs, interior slide lock, standard lift tracks & exterior weather stripping.  Please go to our link for GARAGE DOORS for all styles.  Commercial doors also available.  Also available in Almond, Sandstone and Brown.

Garage Door Openers: We use LiftMaster Lifetime Warranty  belt drive #3280 garage door openers because they have a lifetime warranty and are quiet and smooth!  Go to our GARAGE DOORS AND OPENERS to read all about these quality openers.

Garage Doors & Openers

Dutch Corners: Garage door framing with the top corners trimmed at an angle.

Trim Color Options:  You can specify at no extra cost to outline the corners of your Pole Building in a contrasting color.  You can also do the same for your garage door openings.

Lean-To’s:  You may choose to have us build a Lean-To onto your new or existing Pole Barn.  All in same 28 gauge Everlast Roofing, Inc options.  Generally a 2/12 or 3/12 Shed roof.

Concrete Floors:  Our Amish crew does the best work!!!   You will be so impressed with the finished quality of our work, you’ll be bragging to your friends!  3500 psi, Fiber Mesh, Moisture barrier, saw cuts, in 4” thickness.Worked to a smooth finish from sun up to sun down.  You may also choose to have us do Aprons and Parking Pads, driveways and sidewalks (Broom Finished).

Vinyl Siding:  Two Grades by Wolverine Siding Systems available.Standard Colors, styles of Lap.

Powder Coated Steel Dutch Doors, Barn Doors, Loft Doors & Country Sliders available.

14 Gauge Galvanearl Steel Powder Coated Horse Stall Systems available.

Don’t See it? Just Ask!